Can You Really Make Money With Young Living?

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Today, Young Living is one of the best and well known essential oils manufacturer in the world. The essential oils are becoming popular among different audiences. Some people get it for aroma, while others use it for health benefits.

From a sales perspective, essential oils are very appealing because you are dealing with a consumable item.  People will come for more after finishing one. A lot of variety is also available in the market for the buyers. 

We have learned that Young Living is providing high-quality essential oils for the consumers, and it is pretty encouraging. Now let’s focus on the earning perspective.

Two Ways To Make Money With Young Living

There are two ways to make money with Young Living. The first is to generate sales, and the second one is to make money by making your team. Now let’s discuss each one in detail.

Make Money by Generating Sales

An appealing and unique product with a reasonable price attracts the buyers. Young Living has used this technique. Many products of Young living have unique names and ingredients that are quite different from the competitors.

For example, Thieves essential oil is the popular product of Young Living. It is a mixture of many essential oils and only available in Young Living products.

Young Living manufacturers have introduced different types of products that include essential oils as an ingredient. Most of them focus on health, and these are ideal from the sales perspective.

There is also one bad news. Many products are quite expensive (15ml lavender oil for more than $30). But pure essential oils come at high prices. Low-cost essential oils are not the original ones.

Making Sales

Young Living is selling its products on its official website. 2 to 3 drops of Young Living essential oils are enough for one time use. If you buy one bottle that will last longer, and people will not come back soon for another sale. But as I have mentioned, it is a consumable product people will definitely buy it again if it meets their expectations.

Make Money Building a Team

An interesting feature of Young Living is that it encourages people to make their team and start earning. It is quite easy and impressive than generating sales.

The distributors can make decent amounts of income by inviting and enlisting other people into the business. The more people you will add, the more you will earn.

Young Living determines the following criteria to rank the individual members:

  • Personal Volume (PV): Monthly volume of total individual orders
  • Organization Group Volume (OGV): Monthly volume of yourself and everyone in your downline
  • Personal Group Volume (PGV): Your OGV with some specific groups excluded
  • Leg: Every new member that you personally sponsor becomes the start of a new leg in your downline
  • Leg Volume @ OGV: This focuses on how many legs you need and monthly OGV for new ranks

When you reach a higher rank, things will become more complicated for you because you have to work hard to maintain your position. Higher ranks get commissions from the other levels.

The people who want to join the Young Living team have to buy the product first. This can be a little tricky because selling a product is not easy. You are working on your own but rely on others for generating income.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Young Living?

Starting your Young Living is not as easy as it looks on paper. It is a challenging task in practice. You cannot say that Young Living is a scam; you can earn money. But it requires lots of patience, hard work, and good stamina.

You need to follow a proper plan for reaching other people online. Many people cannot generate sales. For this purpose, they have to rely on recruiting distributors.

A lot of patience is required on behalf of the distributors; they have to depend on the company and team completely. For being a distributor, you must have leadership qualities to make your own team.

But on a positive note, if you have courage, strength, and power to face difficulties, you can earn money, help others, and create your own team. With every sign-up, you earn $60, and you get 25% first three months commission of the new distributors you enroll.

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