How has Young Living empowered me to take care of my family?

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Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

Young Living has been a huge blessing for not only our family but for other families that are using essential oils. I am absolutely in love with this business and products. I have a friend who first starts doing this business. At that time I knew nothing about it. She was using essential oils and talking about them online. She told me how to get started with the business and that was with a premium starter kit. After that, I experienced basically life changes that got me all fired up and I went to town soaking up as much oil information and knowledge as I could. After getting familiar with the products and knowing about it I had been looking for natural things especially for like cleaning in the home. There were a large number of toxins in our home floating around in the air, we also seep toxins in our skin through different products. I decided to start ditching the toxic things in our home and switch to things that would help our body without inadvertently harming our bodies. I started with oils alone and soon followed into other young living products like shampoo, conditioner, and lotions, vitamins and supplements, antioxidant drinks, etc. I am now pursuing a toxin-free lifestyle. Our home is completely toxin-free and it’s so good. Instead, our home is filled with products that are good for us and are infused with essential oils that are positively impacting our body on a cellular level.
Young Living - Work From Home Business Opportunity. Earn passive income

My Journey

When I got to know about essential oils, my eyes were opened, my perspectives were shifting and changing and I was crazy excited about all the things that I was learning. So I decided to share the things that I was using, loving, and trying. I just shared it with people and tell them my experience.  It was natural for me to share my experience with my friends and family. After getting a good response and observing that people did not know about it much I decided to share things online. Was an I expert in this? Well, absolutely not. I always believe that a person who does not walk with discoveries and adopt them will remain outdated and unfamiliar with new terms and stipulations. Nowadays technology is playing a great role in our lives. Talking about something online and spreading it to a large network is not a difficult job. We all want to do good for our families and doing something that is easy and you like doing is a good way to start. It was amazing to see how God was kind of colliding my passions like that. I love business, I love to talk about strategies and ideas and creating a great customer experience. So when oils and this whole business were presented to me and kind of fell into my lap it was like my passions were colliding. I started to talk about it with my friends and on social media and found that that a huge number of people fall in love with the products like me. Doing something online creates an absurd opportunity for people with constructive and valuable skills to set up a business on the side, and sooner or later grow that into a sustainable self-employed profession. There are some factors that might prevent online organizations from succeeding or lead to inevitable failure includes strong competition, high expectations, in-depth absence of knowledge about their job, etc. You can overcome this failure by working on your mindset and having a positive attitude.

gita anggeraini work from home to earn passive income from Young Living to support family

Young Living – Work From Home Business Opportunity

Well, it’s been many years since I started on this road with Young Living essential oils. I have been handed a lot of freedom through this company and business physically in our health, emotionally, both of those through those products and then since we are talking business we have been handled freedom financially. There are many people who are working freelance entrepreneurs, creative’s, artists, bloggers, etc. In a freelance job, there is no guarantee of income. But in the case of Young living, we can create residual income. We have a chance to build a business that continues growing both in size and in income whether or not we show up in the same way even we don’t get to work the same amount of hours or put in the same amount of work it can continue growing. I put my business in my will which is another kind of peace of mind that this is something that is going to provide for my family for a very long time. I and my family members all put their equal effort in this business. I give a lot of time to our business by staying at home. It not only helps me financially but also helps me in spending a lot of time together doing something productive and good. I am also seeing people who can walk free of jobs and they are previously feeling stuck and unhappy. The only thing that you need to get started is a premium starter kit. I always guide, coach and mentor my members. If you are new to this business then don’t hesitate to talk to me. I provide personal mentoring to new members to run the business successfully. I get in touch with new members through WhatsApp group, weekly zoom meetings, etc. You can be as involved and interactive in that community as you want.

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How has Young Living empowered me to take care of my family?How has Young Living empowered me to take care of my family?